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Originally Posted by Gaps View Post
Even with a list like this, we were ONE point away from the QF's. If, let's say, the first two points on the list had been different, we would have placed 2nd in the group.
Entirely possible. Also, any but the 2nd and 3rd pointers on your list are clearly ones better coaching could have done away with.

So yes, most of this mess is definitely the coaches' fault, even if they always say it's the players who play the game. Yes they do, but it's the job of the suits to give them the best possible environment to do that so that all they have to do is hit the rink and skate - now that didn't obviously happen.

In fact, I'd like to put this on the players as little as possible. Perhaps some responsibility can be put on the top 93s, who were supposed to be the leading players of this team. They clearly underachieved. Even if there were clear mispicks, Järveläinen the most prominent, he did not pick himself and was never a key player to begin with, so he or anyone of his ilk is not to blame.

It should be pretty clear now that we can't win a thing unless there is a proper, professional authority behind the bench, no matter what kind of roster we have. If this doesn't act as an eye-opener to the bigwigs in FIHA as well, they clearly don't operate with the best interests of the Finnish hockey in mind, but only their own.

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