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01-01-2013, 07:49 AM
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I think pseudo is feeling that you cannot say something negative about prospects without having people really jump on it. And it is that way. It's not going to change either.

The reason Schroeder's ES points comparison is encouraging is because his future will be determined greatly by his production. If he can put up points at ES, something akin to what other good players are doing, it bodes well. The production should be steady when he advances. _Should_ be.

The PP issue goes both ways IMO. It's coaching _and_ it's Schroeder. There are some small skilled players like Kane that get on a PP and look absolutely deadly, even if production doesn't follow. This is not the case with Schroeder. He doesn't command attention in that way. For a smaller guy, he needs to develop that half-wall presence to get better there IMO, so that he can draw guys in and dish... we'll see if he can.

I'm a Schroeder fan. So much so that I desperately want him to lock down a spot this year. I want him on the big club now. He's such a smart player that I think it would be a shame if he doesn't make it. I'm invested. That said, I can still criticize him when he's too passive, or when he has trouble finishing etc... It goes both ways. Not just praise, which is what some would advocate here.

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