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01-01-2013, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by adsfan View Post
Latta is a fighter, taking on Chris Bruton. From the Admirals Roundtable and YouTube.

Latta took offense to Della Rovere "Della Reese" calling out the inexperienced Ben Ryan and wanted to make a point. It had been Ryan's first pro fight.
the Ads announcer, not surprisingly, is a bit of a homer, as he made it sound like the Ads players both did well in the fights when in fact Ryan was soundly beaten and Latta lost even though he got in a couple of shots....

good to see him stick up for a teammate, but hopefully at the NHL level he only fights when really provoked, like Scooter Nichol

love the announcers comment about "fighting a midget"....

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