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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Hamilton was the only Canadian city that submitted a bid, and their combination of potential ownership issues as well as arena issues basically doomed it from the start.

Yes, the six finalists were Minneapolis, Atlanta, Columbus, Nashville, Houston, and Oklahoma City. All of them had demonstrated tremendous support for the preceding decade for their minor league teams with the exception of Minnesota; the others were Atlanta (IHL Knights), Columbus (ECHL Chill), Nashville (ECHL Knights), Houston (IHL Aeros), and Oklahoma City (CHL Blazers). This wasn't some random attempt to stick the game somewhere; they were all places that had the arena, had the ownership, and most important, had the market already established and primed.
What ownership issues ? isnt this just secret code for the fact that the count hates jim basille ?
if there were team that has ownership issues, how about convicted felon boots del baggio and asg who it was clear never wanted to own the thrash from the beginning and washed their hands of them at the very first possibility.

Ive never thought that having a echl ir ihl team was all that was required to estabish a market. if thats true there are literaly hundreds of places that would be viable. Tremendous support for a whole decade, that's the bar that has to be cleared ?

Ive said it before, in a competition between to potential suitors, having more people who are completely disinterested in the game doe not make it a better market, it means that there are simply more people. if you want to argue that population = market there are many who will agree with you, but that very idea is what got us into this mess. winnepeg is a far better hockey market than any of the southern teams despite having the smallest arena and smallest population. The nordique faithful will travel long distances to fill other peroples stadiums as a public demonstration of how much they are willing to support the diques if they return. this is from a place that lost its team.

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