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01-01-2013, 09:46 AM
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looking over the details of the NHL CBA proposal I noticed this one tidbit...

Money paid (above a defined threshold) to Players on NHL SPCs in another professional league (e.g., the AHL or a European league) will be charged against the NHL team's Cap, but not against the Players' Share.
seems to mean that, if accepted, the rich teams wont just be able to bury their mistakes in the minors or overseas any more.... no more Wade Redden 5 million dollar AHL salary or Cristobal Huet getting 5 million to play in Switzerland...

I think that is a fair tradeoff to the small teams for allowing the rich teams one cap-free buyout...

and then there is this one

- Ability for Clubs to retain/allocate Salary and Cap Charges in the context of Player Trades within specified parameters.
meaning we will start seeing trades where the rich teams will continue to pay the salary in exchange for a small team taking on cap space.... if only this clause had existed the last few years I think the Preds could have made some wicked deadline trades...

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