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Originally Posted by GX View Post
Well, I think, the first thing the parents should do, before sending their kid to a hockey school, is check, whether the coaches are even licensed by the federation. Because the number of licensed coaches in Latvia is very, very small.

Speaking of examples, there was always the infamous Ogre hockey school. HK Ogre played in LAČ in 09/10 and 10/11, with Fanduls and Nekrasov being the coaches. The local municipality was giving money for kids hockey development, yet, in the same time, there were number of Russian players on the roster, who PAID to the coaches to be in the club. This story doesn't tell anything about Fanduls/Nekrasov being bad junior coaches, but it tells a lot about what their main interests were and, well, also about their attitude.

With the crisis now being over, I hope the federation will push a few cities to build new hockey rinks (Jēkabpils, for example, was one of those cities that planned to build a rink some 5 years ago and never did) - there are still a dozen of cities of decent size (pretty much anywhere in Latgale) where kids can't play hockey. Then again, the federation should probably put a bigger emphasize on the education of the coaches (I guess the federation could easily provide some scholarships in LSPA with an agreement that the student will later work, for example, at least 5 years in junior hockey).

What I probably want the most, is to get Latvian league back to the state it was in 2008, when games were regularly broadcasted on LTV7, where there was intrigue, fans in the stands, no discussion about, whether the league is professional or not, which all ended, when Lipmans allowed the top four clubs to play in Belarus and don't give a single **** about LAČ. The league, I suppose, was able to attract more kids to hockey, helped to create more or less proper hockey pyramids (Metalurgs or Latgale, before it dropped out of LAČ). I think the league needs a push, with some two big Latvian companies (LMT, Laima, Grindex (!), etc.) putting in ~200-300k/season in a city (Ventspils, Jūrmala, Tukums) where, despite a rink, a pro club has never really existed before. And, obviously, not allow the likes of Juniors Riga and other junior teams play in the league - probably, with the number of competetive junior players being so low, the federation could establish a merged U20/U18 league.

Sorry for bursting out.
Its all well and good in theory but how could you get Latvian league back to the it was in 2008? we just dont have the player resources

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