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Originally Posted by Colin226 View Post
Really, the Habs were more relevant than the Devils last season? But the real comedy is when you basically say in your last few sentences that Habs fans will blindly love and passionately follow their team even when poor management results in an awful showing on the ice. What a great business model they have up there, where else can you fail your fan base with moves like the Gomez one and they'll still spend heavily on you and support you.. I guess you could look at that like its a wonderful thing, but to me it's kind of pathetic.. Not to mention that you have Habs and Leafs fans blasting the league for southern expansion while partially supporting those teams through their undying love of their own team
If you run a model of only focusing on the last year I can see why southern teams have to win to stay relevant. Fans in Montreal and Toronto will support their respective teams in good times and bad. The leafs could be as bad for another decade and still be a better draw than the southern teams.

Yeah the habs have made some bad decisions, but when we do we don't go crying to the rest of the league to bail us out, we eat them and move on.

If you think that the most successful hockey franchise who could likely draw more fans to an inter squad scrimmage than teams in non traditional markets do for real games is pathetic, that's fine by me. If the process of staying away from games to try and get management to implement the fans will is a valid perspective, the southern teams must have lots of beefs with management because they have largely perfected staying away.

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