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01-01-2013, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
the Ads announcer, not surprisingly, is a bit of a homer, as he made it sound like the Ads players both did well in the fights when in fact Ryan was soundly beaten and Latta lost even though he got in a couple of shots....

good to see him stick up for a teammate, but hopefully at the NHL level he only fights when really provoked,
Latta took offense to Della Rovere "Della Reese" calling out the inexperienced Ben Ryan and wanted to make a point. It had been Ryan's first pro fight.

I don't think Ryan won his fight. He got in a few shots but took a lot more from an experienced fighter. Clearly a mismatch, kind of like Thornton-Nichol, but that is "Della Reese's" MO. Peoria has 4 more games to play in Milwaukee this season. The fans here have long memories and good lungs.

All of Latta's fights look like that. He doesn't fight the smallest (or weakest, or non-fighter) skater on the other team, like "Della Reese" apparently does. He takes his helmet off and squares up to the other guy. In the April 1, 2012 brawl with Rockford, Latta ended up skating around bare chested. He still wanted to fight another IceHog after losing his jersey, shoulder pads and T-shirt. You gotta like that attitude in a forward! Like I said, Latta will fight just about anybody, regardless of potential outcome.

Milwaukee doesn't have a heavy weight AHL fighter, like a Stortini, this season. So guys have to stand up to the bullies when the chance comes. That is what Ryan did. Latta wanted a pound of flesh to send a massage to Della Reese, Peoria and Dave Allison. In that regard, both Admirals were suscessful. I can live with that.

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