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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
Also the little brother and his friends had a little pregame here not so long ago and many substances not named food or alcohol were abused. Kinda makes me miss the shirt out of my college days and also makes me feel kind of old. Spending New Years at home with the girlfriend is pleasant enough but none too exciting. Is 26 this old?

Back when I was a swing dancer there were a bunch of New Years (2000-2005) that I went out on December 30th. There was always a huge party in the neighborhood of 300-500 people at the Supper Club on 47th (RIP).

Now mind you this wasn't your typical NYE style celebration or college crowd. There was a huge age range in the scene, (18-80 was the joke, but it was true) everyone was always well behaved, and in five years of dancing I never once witnessed a drunken bar fight. Although once I did help escort some creepy F out of Jack's Joint on 47th (Also RIP).

Going out on the 30th was great for two reasons:

The first and most obvious is it wasn't New Years Eve. It was just another night in NY. Easy to get around, get out, and get home.
Have you ever tried to hail a cab January 1st at two in the morning? I did less than 12 hours ago on the LES, it was utterly impossible. I gave up and we wound up taking the train home. Either we were really lucky or the douches at the MTA were running extra trains cause we were home by three.

The second reason was it gave me an extra day to relax before heading back to work. The only thing worse than a hangover, is being hungover on New Years day and having to go back to work the next day. The years I went out on the 30th I never went out on NYE (I did one year but that was because I met this Cubanita on the 30th. That however as they say is another story), there was no reason to.

Now what is the point of this long ass post?

Since we have been married (five years) there have been New Years where we have gone out, and New Years where we have enjoyed a quiet evening like you did last night.

They're both fun for different reasons. Going out every New Years can get as monotonous as staying in every New Years.

Originally Posted by JCresty View Post
Once I have successfully created my cult, I shall exterminate billions of people. BILLIONS. This planet is way too crowded for its own good.
Sounds like the plot of Rainbow Six.

Originally Posted by Callys Chicken Parm View Post
If I said "happy" new year, I'd be lying.... So depressed
It's you, but it isn't you. I have always found New Years, the day specifically, to one of the most drab/blah days of the year.

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