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01-01-2013, 10:47 AM
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IMHO, the Canucks need immediate help if they want to achieve with this core group. No picks or prospects, as this group needs immediate support. A brief glance at the line-up shows major issues. Gillis cannot be serious about moving forward like this.

I do not think the Canucks have the assets to convert to get enough help in return. Luongo has had no market interest, perhaps, it must be said, because Gillis is negotiating return. Perhaps nobody wants him, too. Nobody seems eager to overpay, which is the only way to win for Gillis.

Defence is another issue. Is Edler going to be okay? Can Ballard contribute? Will Garrison fit? Which Dman can be moved?

I seriously think Gillis will go with Higgins at 2C and Malhotra at 4C with Lapierre on the third line.

I do not think Gillis moves Luongo before seeing Schnieder play a few games as #1. The market for a gaolie might be improved, as well, after some games. I am thinking Gillis might wait for the trade deadline.

I doubt this group wins the conference. Without help, I doubt they do anything in the playoffs. It's because they have absorbed an inordinate amount of punishment compared to other teams. Gillis doesn't get this, despite causing it. He says the soft accomadations and fine off ice treatment will prolong thier careers. Hahahahaha! So, no policeman leads to severe beatings but the nice wide plane seats and caviar hotels will make up for it!

I am resigned to the fact that this team cannot overcome Gillis' imaginings. Gillis, was right but did not account for the spite of this childishly run league. They took that chance away by suspending Rome, leaving the team utterly exposed to intimidation. Even so, they went right to the seventh game, but at what cost? They were non starters the next playoffs. I think this core group has been expended and battered into submission. The guys that do the work are all coming off injuries. Can Kesler and Edler return to big minutes? Will Vignault overcome this with clever deployment?

A conventional Luongo trade and return will not help in time. Gillis needs roster players now. The future is now for this group and they will need help.

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