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Originally Posted by Loffer View Post
This is just junior hockey. And it looks exactly like it. Unpredictable and mistake-prone. I wouldn't blame coaching. Finland was not that good team to begin with. Switzerland played well against Russia in pre-tournament game as well. Ofc Aaltonen's injury was a huge blow but that just showed how shallow the roster was after all.There was Teravainen and Armia but the rest was just mediocre; Barkov was the biggest disappointment. And they should have taken Ikonen as I said but most of you seemed to be happy with the cuts then... But all in all this was no surprise.
Barkov was our most valuable center and foward in the tournament. He didn't dominate you're right and he looked lost at times because his game is molded into pro game already. Offensively he was bit unlucky at times, pucks didn't bounce in, goalies made game savers and even own player blocked his certain goal(Lehkonen). Even when he looked exhausted and didn't have any chemistry during the tournament he produced 3 points in 4 games and stepped up when Finland had comeback against Sweden but after that his team mates took another stupid offensive zone penalties which made Barkov to kill more penalties and be more exhausted and ended up as goals against.

Talks about Barkov being disappointment are nonsence. Most of us expected him to be offensively more effective but he had mostly to do everything by himself because his linemates lost the puck easily, hogged the puck, couldn't do the cycling game and with better luck he could be couple points over PPG.

IMO Barkov was our most valuable foward because he was the guy who had to fix other guys stupid penalties to waste energy on PK, he had to work his ass off in every shift to maintain the puck posession in the offensive zone. Try to keep your energy level high. There was no other player who played as hard working game without any stupid penalties. Ristolainen was the MVP IMO but Barkov wasn't an disappointment. He was an player who did everything helping this team out wasn't flashy but solid and in overall game most valuable foward in team finland by big margin. I'm very happy with his effort and how he worked hard in this tournament. It didn't help when you're already exhausted and you have to kill flatout stupid penalties.

The reason why he is succesfull in FEL is that he doesen't have to take care of everything in his line in FEL or fix the mistakes which are caused by his team mates stupidity. There was many samples where he had to fix when defenseman rushed the puck and lost it to opposite player after long shift. It was Barkov who had to fix those mistakes and skate hard into D or take defensive position to take care of possible giveaways and stayed out of the offensive game. No wonder if he was exhausted.

Looking just small sample of WJC is stupid. Barkov is at times very dominant in FEL and there is no situations where he can't play in FEL. I'm very suprised if he is not playing in the NHL next year because Barkov can play in every line and in all situations. He is very usefull player already and physically ready.

If we take the point that how the 2013 draftees performed comparing to the support what teammates gave Barkov have to be one of the best performers because Barkov barely had any support. Mostly other guys giving him more dirty work to clean up.

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