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01-01-2013, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
This is reasonable^. So are other comments for and against the OP. It's hard to get that exactly right.

Assuming the above post bolded is true, what do we think of this:

something around:
Marc Staal, Girardi, Stepan + Brian Boyle
RNH, Justin Schultz, Marincin + Gernat

4 for 4 with balance and risk around...

NY + Edmonton seem complementary, but have been unable to agree on value.

The OP premise is that at some level, Oils need to get some solid D, though it was obviously to give up less to get less.

The Rangers D is not limitless, but more goals are always useful. There is, however, just on the horizon a real concern about keeping several developing core players, despite grandfathering salary on a smaller scale for the next season, there is a likelihood of a smaller salary cap going forward. So if they can keep part of the core still on/just getting off the ELCs, and move some of the ore expensive veterans, that is a strategy to retain that core.

Assuming Edmonton wants no part of Brad Richards at his contract, what might work is 2 top #1 Ds carrying full (but not overpriced) salary, plus two Cs. Stepan a great fit as a terrific distributor, Boyle adding strength down the middle, available at W if desired, with less salary pressure.

For Rangers, they are gambling on upgrades. RNH is a huge upgrade to Stepan, with all of his vision and a shot. Schultz today is a step below proven #1 All Star calibre backliners specializing in D, let alone two of them, but would address the need a shot from the point, esp on PP. Marincin + Gernat are both tall righties, and are balance to Rangers Noreau and Ceresnak both also full sized. They are all pushing to be here w/in 2 years,

Moving 3 Ds initially makes Edmonton wince, they are getting two premium, top shelf Ds in return, and they have top D prospect Klefborn who is closer to knocking at the door.

In terms of what is immediate, RNH is a big salary, the three Ds surrendered are not; Staal-Girardi = larger salary than RNH, Stepan will not be cheap forever, but increases to he and Boyle are down the road. Edmonton absorbs extra salary over an additional roster player, NY gets 1 big salary hit, Schultz = ELC, Marancin + Gernat salary implications further down the road. SO RANGERS ACHIEVE AN IMPORTANT OBJECTIVE, CREATE CAP SPACE TO KEEP McDONAGH, KREIDER, ETC.

All 4 players make the Oilers club. The familiar tandem = new top pair, Stepan = top 6, and Boyle will fit, probably 3rd line.
RNH + Schultz make Rangers, Gernat + Marancin = farm for now.

So how do Rangers fill out roster?
At C you lose 1 (Stepan) and gain a great 1 (RNH); you lose another
(Boyle) and promote JT Miller. A big plus on balance down the middle, and RNH facilitates best fall back position to moving Richards, which from salary point is something that has to get done eventually (unless he is bought out and re-signed for a lot, lot less).

D is tougher.
Schultz may eventually grow to partner with McDonagh (NY can now reach out to long term deal).
reasonable to assume Del Zotto will return, not to huge deal, but short term for raise he wants on 1 maybe 2 year deal. Balance of backline remains the same. So NY is down one, admittedly a big one.
In the near term, former first rounder Dylan McIrath, a stay at home tough guy clear the crease type, should be do-able at the bottom pair sooner than later.

As to what's immediate, you need to make a deal.
Even if you don't, and I'm sure many will disagree, getting terrific return and repurposing salary like this is worth it.

However, somebody like Yandle from Phoenix would more than fill the bill, just to look at top end and work down; as to what they would want, young cheap offense, NY might have to juggle with a third team partner (Chicago) to get young offense more immediately ready (Saad) for that.

So killing 2 birds with one stone maybe first something like

Brad Richards (at a salary dump consideration discount) +
Christian Thomas (all the skills but undersized)
+ an x factor F like Thomas Spelling
+ a variable like D Pavel Valentenko, who might challenge for bottom pair now
+ a solid prospect D (like Calle Andersson), and a Rangers 4th,
F Brandon Saad and D Dylan Olsen

Rangers keep Olsen.

Ship Brandon Saad +
Michael St. Croix (ok, a little smallish has track record of scoring), + Andrew Yogan (big 6'3, w/some scoring track record not too far away)
+ Boo Nieves (also big 6'3, seems to be promising 2 way F, ok, but green)
should be enough for
Yandle from Phoenix

Also slight improvement on salary swap of Richards out, Yandle in

Oscar Lindberg is your eventual replacement as 3 or 4c. In the meantime, everybody bumps up one, and Miller, very fast, is a good match w/Kreider/Hagelin + Callahan

so Rangers wind up w:

Nash RNH Gaborik
Kreider Miller Callahan
Hagelin Rupp Pyatt
Bickel Halperin Asham
Michael Haley is the call up

McDonagh Yandle
MDZ Schultz
Olsen Stralman
with several knocking on the door if MDZ is moved next year

So yes, after the proof to the theorem, Yakupov could net a high potential D; an established D is not impossible, everything is based on exactly who we are talking about; but Oilers might get better overall result keeping Yak and swapping a higher piece, then getting 2 prime first pair Ds in return.

The above was necessary to prove Rangers could give up both 1Ds in top pair allowing Edmonton to pursue its course, and still improve, if the names above are involved.
The Rangers are a cup contender and they shouldn't be rebuilding anytime soon, which is basically what you are suggesting.

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