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01-01-2013, 11:03 AM
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Morning lounge, tired as hell .. Effing roommate

He had his meathead buddy who had is annoying girlfriend over last night after midnight, all kept fighting and whatnot .. Only to have my roommate ask me if I can go upstairs and sleep on the couch, while he'll take the futon in the basement to give his bed (in the basement) to his buddy/girlfriend .. For obvious reasons I assume the couple would be up to stuff so I said yes

Then as I'm trying to sleep an hour later, the couple leaves for some reason and wakes me up .. Finally I get to sleep, but get woken up again when what appears to be the couple returning. In actuality it was my roommate coming back with some random girl he somehow found, and I couldn't get back to sleep because I could hear noises from the basement since my roommate is too self absorbed to simply close his door

Oh and my roommate cranked the thermostat because the basement was cold and I woke up hot as ****, and was woken up by my roommate because he had to drive that girl home

So when my roommate asks if I want Tim's, you bet your ass I said yes

End rant

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