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01-01-2013, 11:14 AM
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You know how you get the league's ass to sweat?

Pull out of the in-person meeting at the last minute so the executive board can discuss whether they'll disclaim.

I don't doubt that the late meeting time is intended, to some degree, to preoccupy the PA leadership from having that discussion.

I wouldn't be surprised if we see the NHL offers a counter proposal in the coming hours. It'll look bad on the PA if they don't spend the time neccessary to seem like they read it, which would push them past the executive board's window of authorization. On the other hand, the PA can point out what such an offer clearly is, and they have the media and public on their side enough that they'll get that backing.

and it'll probably benefit the players if a CBA offer was legitmately rushed. Either way, it'll get us closer to what ends up being the CBA.

In a non-lockout universe, we'd be hearing about ice conditions for the about to start Winter Classic right now. (3:19pm)

Hockey Insider, (believed to be Alexander Daigle) for better or worse, is saying that the lockout has been described to him by an 'NHL source' to be 95% over. The biggest thing he's saying is that the shift comes next season, and not right now, assuming some amount of this season is played. Notably that the cap would stay the same this 'season' and the buyouts would therefore be before 2013-14 which means guys with big contracts would probably hustle their ***** off.

These are also details, and we don't want to know details.

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