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Originally Posted by RogerRoeper View Post
Burke is always full of crap. Take nothing with his words.

If we took him at his word he'd still be the Ducks GM.
There's really two parts to that equation. One is that some things have to be said and should be taken for what they are worth (e.g. statements that avoid throwing people under buses or that protect values). The second is a lot of times people are just putting words into his mouth (i.e. he says something and they elaborate meaning into it and hold him responsible for that which they thought as opposed to that which he said). I might even add a third, which are cases where obvious statements that apply to every team in the league are made and people take those as promises (see being interested in 1st overall every year or that the playoffs is the goal).

I don't baffles me how much people here cling to words. Gives the impression of people curled up in the fetal position, rocking back and forth and muttering over and over again whichever snippet they've decided to cling to.

I can understand being fixated on results at least. Being fixated on words just seems patently silly (or as though people have lived their entire lives in a bubble).

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