Thread: Confirmed with Link: Matt Duchene's lockout adventure in Europe
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01-01-2013, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by AvalancheFan19 View Post
For sure he did. I remember numerous times the announcers were praising his speed and his ability to utilize it. He broke out on a couple rushes and made a couple good passes that led to scoring opportunities. Also, I remember him working really hard down low in the corners that game (all the games I watched for that matter) and winning puck battles. He used his body to get and protect the puck well. I think it's debatable to who could have got MVP, but the fact is Duchene worked hard all tournament, had 5 points and 4 games and made his presence on the ice known every shift. And that's 5 points with little to no power play time I believe?. Looked good on the PK too.
Duchene stood out in the first game? Troughout the entire game the announcers mentioned him only once and that was when he had two nice hits in the 3rd period. He picked up his game after that and he was a real threat in later games, but his first game was at best average in whole (when talking about both defense and offense) and certainly below average when talking solely about the offensive part of his game.

His defensive game when looking at the whole tournament was outstanding and it was clear he made big strides in that part of his game, but his offensive game was still hot and cold, he had his moments of brilliance and complete domination (SF game) and he had a couple of games where he wasn't at the top of his game (1st game against Mannheim and the finals) offensively. Now if he shows the same level of defensive awarbess when he comes back coupled with a bit more consistency in the offensive department we could talk about having a pretty darn good two-way player who can decide a game at any given moment. He has the potential to become a player like that, now it just remains to be seen if and when he'll get there.

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