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01-01-2013, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
Also I'd like to add, that we are all kinda partially to blame why our league has sunken so much. For example, how many of us even reads articles on SC about our daily league games? I'm not. How many turned their TV's on last spring when LTV7 showed our playoffs? I didn't. Also when we see some players doing greatly in our league, we still dismiss their achievements and still don't wanna see them anywhere near even EHC national team rosters. So on and on, and it catches on, SA journalists (well, Matulis) doesn't write basically anything about our league. Everything is about that damn disease Dinamo in these last years, everything else is a no-no for us.

It's easy to blame LHF or Lipmans personally, but you can't attract money to the league in it's current state, it's a sad fact. I'm not saying LHF couldn't and shouldn't done more in recent years, but it's not like we can abstract ourselves from blame completely.
You call Dinamo disease,you know who the real disease is? Lipmans. If we had someone who actually cared like Ozolins or Irbe in the chair of LHF,situation wouldnt be as critical as it is now.

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