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Originally Posted by rdawg1234 View Post
Look I cant argue with the actual facts like standings and such.

you're right ,we're crap in that regard. In fairness we would've been crap no matter WHAT GM we had probably for about 3 years or so.

and to be honest I thought last year was the year we'd make the playoffs(really looking back, we were a playoff team or very close to one up until february).

I think he's failed on getting a #1 C for sure, and moreso failed on getting a better goalie, I think his one huge downfall is his reliance on inexperienced goalies, same thing plagued him in Vancouver(but I think he's somewhat realized this this year)

I would personally give him one more FULL season to prove himself, that's all, as I dont think bringing in a new GM will do much in the short term(really what can we do? we arent bad enough to be bottom 5 for the next 2 years IMO) bringing in a new coach was much more necessary.

I was fine with not making the playoffs from 08-2011, but last year was unexceptable. Give him one last year to prove where this team should be heading, then I'll judge him fully, as he's had 4 solid years to build this team(and IMO it does look solid on paper minus goaltending.)

Another year of this and the excuses will run out dont worry, I think many people put up excuses for him because they want to believe we can be better, and I do think we can, but will we actually show it in the standings soon? I hope so.

I really dislike Burke, but he signed a 6 year contract and he said it wouldn't take 5.

So certainly, he has until the end of his contract for the team to be a playoffs calibre team.

His 6 year 3 million per year contract is up in 2014, so why would anyone worry about extending him right now?

A GM isn't like a coach, in that the last year of a contract is considered lame duck. He has all his power and he isn't on the ice.

I accept that you can make mistakes when you make decisions, and yes Burke has made mistakes and admitted them. That doesn't forgive him his mistakes this isn't the church where you can undo bad decisions, in the NHL you are responsible for them.

IMO, I think hanging on to Ron Wilson was a huge mistake. Many wanted him gone a couple years ago, but again Burke said he'd deal the entire team before firing the coach. So he put his personal selfishness above the good of the franchise. He told the players the coach was not to be held accountable only the players would receive blame.

Obviously, the trade is the trade, and he had said in the worst case scenario what the cost would be but they gambled on the worst case, and lost. That doesn't mean they didn't get a very good player, it just means they gambled and lost. You know when you roll the dice there is a chance you'll lose, no matter how good the odds. Burke almost said while the dice were still tumbling, OMG look at our goaltending!!! I completely understand Burke must support that decision today, he's holding the welfare of the player in his hands. I have no concerns that he says he'd do it again, he has to say that. Anyone who doesn't understand that isn't looking at the human aspect to that deal.

Adding pieces via the draft is something even posters on this site could have done, so we shouldn't spend a great effort applauding a minimum result. Every team in the league gets draft picks for free. Every team in the league no matter how pathetic a management group they have can draft 7 players per year from any number of scouting reports. Heck, every team could just select based on McKenzie's rankings without spending any money on scouting and come up with some good players.

After the draft is when it important for the management group to work their magic. What you do with those draft players is where you need the best assets involved. So the question might be is Eakins the right guy? No Eakins cannot make players more talented, but can he bring out the best talent in those players?

College and European free agents is one area Burke has spent money. He hasn't done a great job there, but I like Bozak, and think he is a win. He gets too much trashing here, but even Sundin got trashed here, so you have to consider the audience. The jury is still out on some other free agents, and has returned guilty verdicts on some who have already been flushed.

He has made some good deals as well. Phaneuf, Ashton is a good deal, Lupul and Gardiner his home run. Biggs might be a good deal.

So let's give Burke his 6 years, and consider that is 2 years more than he said it would take. I know people like to forgive him for his loose lips but let's hold him to what he says, but understand he gets excited and so sometimes he just overrates his abilities like many others can do.

We should hold him accountable, but give him the 6 years he signed for, and then if he's succeeded in moving the team into the entry level of being a contender with a great future give him an extension.

We should be comparing Burke to the best GM's in the game, MLSE didn't sign him to be just another GM.

The 197475 season saw another change to its playoff system to accommodate the league of 18 teams, twelve of which qualified for the playoffs. The top team from each division would earn a bye to the quarterfinal, while the second- and third-place teams from each division started their playoff run from a best-of-three preliminary round.

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