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12-11-2003, 08:20 AM
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Lowe is being a jackass. Without a doubt. What other teams fans don't understand is the hatred Oilers fans have for Comrie. In Edmonton, Lowe can basically do whatever he wants to Comrie and he will be supported.

Comrie deserves everything he gets. He has been a ***** to the Oilers since the day they drafted him. Constantly trying to squeeze more money out of the organization. I would have loved to see Comrie's face when Lowe asked him for the money. In regards to Comrie, what goes around comes around.

In regards to the trade, I actually think it was a solid offer for Comrie however if all Lowe is getting is prospects why not just wait till the offseason. You could almost certainly get a similar deal come draft day. Plus this way Comrie gets to sit for even longer, which will make Oil fans that much happier. Heck, when this is over, Comrie might be wishing he had paid the 2.5 Million.

From another angle, now that some other teams know that Comrie will sign a reasonable deal (2 years at 1.65/year), interest has picked up. Lowe has been contacted by 8 teams since the blowup on tuesday.

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