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01-01-2013, 12:44 PM
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When something like this happens, the people involved should have a conversation with the Commissioner/s together before anything is done.

I don't think should be booted.

However, He by no means did anything respectable. He again quit when I scored in a 0-0 game with 0.2 seconds to go in regulation. We are 2 points from each other for head of our conference.

He then messaged me back he was sorry, he was mad, he will "GIVE me a FREE win" taking all blame off his unsportsmanlike action. (and he keeps repeating it, what free win is he giving me? he stole one from me)

In this next game all he did was go head hunting, trying to obviously injure my players, AND not let me burn the clock. was a 25-30 minute game, and when I had messaged him during game to stop wasting my damn time i got a nice "F you" back.

I dont think it requires a boot, and this guy is in other leagues of mine and we've never had problems, but he should definitely be on watch after some donkey crap like that. And for unnecessarily wasting my time, NOW he should give me a FREE win.

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