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01-01-2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by brtriad View Post
On KD, I do not agree. I feel the statement was a "He had a terrible year. Next year it's learn to catch or you're gone."

I still really don't understand your Shea ********. It's as if you want him to fail so you can be proven right.
I am so pissed about McClellin pick because it was stupid pick

I wanted to believe Emery was different then Angelo and it took just 1 round of drafting for me to realize he was no better

Drafting a 3-4 LB who's stock rose artificially (He was a 3-4th rounder most of his draft year) when you run 4-3 D and have more pressing needs on roster is just an absolute waste of a quality pick. Watching guys all over draft make contributions to there teams and then seeing our 19th overall absolutely do nothing outside of 1 game vs Packers in wk 2 is depressing as a fan

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