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Originally Posted by Shootmaster_44 View Post
So does Calgary and there is one in the Greater Seattle area, which is a draw from the Vancouver area. I'd suggest all Seattle area teams are a draw for fans from Vancouver, so really there is a MLB, NFL and a NLL team in the area. You've also forgotten Vancouver has a MLS team. Also the Vancouver Giants also have to content with NCAA football and basketball in the Washington Huskies.

But really, as far as pointing this out it is simply proving the point that Toronto is a Leafs city period. With all the other competition out there, most other hockey teams are forgotten by the average sports fan. Heck, the Argos are largely forgotten by the average sports fan in Toronto. Being from Saskatchewan, it shocks me when you walk into a sports store in Toronto and there is maybe one small tiny rack of Argos t-shirts tucked in the back corner. Anyway, the point here is that Leafs support does not equal hockey support overall.
If you are not from toronto how would you know who are fans of what team, without getting to know people. are you judging by hats people wear
When people say Toronto is a leaf town I laugh. Yes there are obviously lots I leaf fans here as it is torontos team. But more than half of the TRUE hockry fans I know are non leaf fans. Toronto is an NHL town. Not a leaf town. That is why we need another team as the leafs are hated more in their own city than they are in every other city aside from Montreal.
Go to a flyers game or bruins game and tell me how many fans of opposing teams are at the game. How many hockey fans in Philly or Chicago hate the flyers or hawks.
Come to Toronto an get to know the hockry fans and you will know that the leafs are probably hated more than they are loved, by true hockry fans. Not the casual fan who doesn't follow them unless they are in the playoffs....true fans.

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