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01-01-2013, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
One way or another I don't think we can draw much from what Dubnyk plays like in Davos. His disposition is pretty much made for an overseas tourney like this. No expectation, very little pressure, just get out there play well, have some fun. if the game was always fun Dubnyk would be worthwhile.

Dubs problem is when the pressure is on. Always has been. This is a guy that used to freak out and lose his nerves in NHL TC training drills.

I've always maintained he doesn't have the head for playoff type hockey. Plus that he's found ways to get rattled year to year even when the team he's playing for hasn't had that much expectation. Put this guy on a contender team where you expect to win and wait for disaster.
This is all baseless speculation by you since Dubnyk has never faced any pressure situations.
It's funny that the same posters who are big Gagner fans also do anything to discredit Dubnyk.

I'm not saying that Dubnyk is a surefire #1 going forward but he hasn't done anything to show that he will fail either. If anything (similar to Gagner), the fact that he not only kept his head above water but actually played pretty well with some horrible defense in front of him is commendable and should serve as a major positive for him going forward.

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