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The bidding amounts for the World Juniors is huge now. And it results in correspondingly high ticket prices. Back in 1998-99, Winnipeg paid $1 million dollars to secure the World Juniors. I remember paying $230 or so for my ten game pack which included 3 Canadian games, Canada's QF match, Canada's semifinal match, and the Bronze and Gold Medal Games. My seat was just inside the blueline and about row 10 - 15 in the lower level.

Nowadays, bids for the World Juniors are usually in excess of $10 million and that means tickets packages, like the ones I bought, would probably work out to around $100 per game. The average ticket price would probably be similar to what we pay for the Jets right now.

As an aside, I think Calgary and Edmonton were selling 15 game packs last year(which they apparently sold out) for $1500 or so per package. Not sure how many seats were at that price point though. Nonetheless we should be expecting similar prices if Winnipeg was to host. Now I'm pretty confident Winnipeg would sellout those packages no problem, but I have a hard time believing Brandon could sellout their games at similar prices, especially when you consider they wouldn't receive any of the premium games. ANd we would need most of these games to be sellouts or near sellouts for Winnipeg to turn a profit.

Maybe the solution lies in that arena/agricultural proposal at the Ex site, the one with the 5,000 seat arena.

IF that gets built, that means all or nearly all the games could be held in Winnipeg. Anybody know what's the latest on that proposal?

Regardless, it will probably be several years before that's resolved so you would probably be looking at 2017 before that could be considered a viable alternative anyways. I still hope we get the World Juniors in the next 6 years or so.

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