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01-01-2013, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
Our Guys
He has had a solid tournament in a position outside of comfortability. I said on here earlier that I truly believe a short tournament won't make or break a prospect, but still I have been quite happy with Scheifele's play and results.
It's great to see that he's improved his strength and filled out a bit, and that this has in turn improved his top-speed a lot and his acceleration, balance and stride a bit... But I want more. I'm sure he'll do it, but I really hope his acceleration and balance comes a lot further. His heart, vision, playmaking, IQ, hands, and now great wrister are quite awesome, as we've all known for a while.
Another weakness I have found is his faceoffs. Only RNH has been worse than Scheifele for Team Canada, and the Nuge is a well known poor FO centre. Hopefully that comes with strength and weight but this is against Scheifele's peers, so I'm cautious here.
1 1 2 -1 33.33% 2 0 6 33.33% 1
2 2 2 0 50.00% 1 1 2 50.00% 2
3 3 5 -2 37.50% 0 1 4 0.00% 1
4 3 4 -1 42.86% 1 0 3 33.33% 1
Tot 9 13 -4 40.91% 4 2 15 26.67% 5

Trouba has played strong enough to really ignite HFBoards jealousy (I saw one poster say that he seems the best of the 2012 draft class). He's shown what we've expected: great defensive player, boom of a shot that seems pretty accurate for it's power, and with great physicality. He does seem to still have a problem with decision making with the puck at times. Many scouting notes have noted this, and I still see it plaguing him where he holds on to the puck longer than he should (one really good example in the beginning of his game against Slovakia). Not afraid though, since I can Huddy easily fixing this with him.
1 1 0 1 100.0% 1
2 1 0 4 25.00% 0
3 1 0 6 16.67% -1
4 1 0 4 25.00% 1
Tot 4 0 15 26.67% 1

I'll post about others some other time...
Yeah, for me, Troubas problems are simply a product of age and maturity, coupled with the fact that he can get away with that stuff at his current level. He will mature and learn to correct those problems. I am extremely excited we picked him.

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