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01-01-2013, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by AgentM View Post
We're on the exact same page for NT then. If it's the best player available then I won't flip out about it, but if a guy like Banks is there I won't be happy

Pass Rushers:
Jarvis Jones would be fantastic. Werner is a best rushing the passer but can he play in space when he has to drop into coverage? I'm not sure if he had to do that at FSU. Dion Jordan covers freaking wide receivers so he can do it but he hasn't looked like anything special going after the QB.

My gut feeling right now is that Barkevious Mingo could be our guy if he has a good combine.

Swearinger or Reid would be nice. Polamalu was just solid last season and we could use the upgrade there for sure.

Yes I love when all of the teams ahead of us take QB's to push position talent down to us! Hopefully KC, Arizona, NYJ, and Philly all take QB's

I'd also love it if Montee Ball fell to us in the 2nd round, that kid just can't help but find the endzone.
Ya if/when we draft a DT I hope it's the 4th round or later. So ya definitely same page. If we take a lineman when there's a Banks or LB available I'll be screaming at my tv.

Jones would be amazing but I seriously doubt he'd drop. He can be a Von Miller type of force disrupting plays left and right. I'll be honest and say that I don't know what outside of passrushing that Werner can do. I'll be watching their bowl game to check him out but from what I hear he could be another top 10 pick. I'd love Jordan, I'd love him more if we can get him in the 2nd which ain't happening. He can be a guy that can stick to the Gronks of the world and give those type of guys fits which would be nice. He's seems raw as a passrusher. I'd prefer a guy who we can move around and rush from any angle and not just from the outside stuck to either the strong or weak.

Mingo had a great game yesterday but I'm still not sold on him overall. When he's at his best it seems like he's schemed for wide open rushing lanes which to his credit he uses his explosiveness and speed to get there lightning quick. I wouldn't be upset with him but he needs to develop an ability to shed blocks and have more one on one moves.

Reid is a monster. Decent in coverage but what he does best is what we love the most. He can lay the wood. He's a monster hitter/tackler and also very sure with his tackles. Like yesterday he can take some penalties for his aggression but you take the good with the bad.

I'm not sure if we're going to take a RB in the 2nd. Maybe Ball or Lacey I'd guess if we were but there will be too many good defensive players on the board for our pick. Depends on Mendy I assume. We'll see though as I wouldn't be upset if we did.

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