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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
So after four bottom 10 finishes, our prospects are ranked lower in a list created by professional nhl scouts.
We don't score more goals. We don't prevent more goals. We win less games.

What would have to happen for you to stop supporting Burke?
Because the facts listed above are a flat out atrocity. It's rock bottom. Yet you still support him.

It almost seems like I'm just joking, doesn't it? Pointing out those facts? They sound like a flat out lie. "After four years, don't score more goals. Don't prevent more goals. Win less games. Lower ranked prospects by professional nhl scouts".
It's almost stranger than fiction.
It's as bad as the realms of imagination could come up with. The most creative minds in human history wouldn't even be able to make up such failure.
Yet, it all really happened.
Those facts ARE the truth.

And the kicker? The thing that makes this the most puzzling of all? It's not the stranger than fiction outline of utter futility... it's the fact that some fans still support him. That's the part that makes me embarrassed to even be a part of the human race.
If people can be that blinded by their biases, it makes me scared for the human race and civilization as a whole. We're a petty petty species utterly unable to accept logic, rationality, and reason.
"I 'like' Burke, so he done good"
It's called a rebuild. It's like you expected all the other teams in the league to stop developing while Toronto got it's **** together. Hello, it doesn't work like that.

So it's failure to have a #1 D-man? Acquired via trade.
So it's failure to have a #2 D-man? AcQuired via trade.
So it's failure to have one of the top 5 most consistant goalscorers in the league? Acquired via trade.
So it's failure to have 2 PPG forwards? Acquired via trade.

Ya he sure has this team headed in the wrong direction. JEsus open your friggin eyes.

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