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Originally Posted by Henkine View Post
Woah, that's as low as I've ever seen Ikonen. Might happen, not saying that but considering what he has done in a top six role in FEL, I have to wonder how for example Burakovsky is this much ahead (11th vs Ikonen's 71st) in the rankings. The other (Burakovsky) plays in 2nd tier league with 20% of the point production of the other (Ikonen) in a top professional league.
Short answer: Size matters in player projections – even more so when they have not yet been acclimatized to North American sized ice surfaces. And to be honest, many in North America are wary of projecting small Finnish players to NHL careers after Toni Rajala (who has had great success in Finland and in tournaments but so far has not been able to move those results to North American success).

Longer answer: In the top 90, I have the following players 5’10 or less.

Round 1:
19 – Domi, Max – 5’10, 194 lb. – Short squat guy with low center of gravity kinda like Marcel Dionne, plays game with the feistiness of his Dad without as many fisticuffs. Good offensive results. Size will not be an issue with him and I see him climbing on my and other lists before the draft.
22 – Lehkonen, Artturi – 5,10, 163 lb. – Debated with myself a long time before I put this guy in the 1st round. The results of that debate are part of the 21 to 30 post in the series.

Round 2:
53 – Subban, Jordan – 5’9, 177 lb. – He is a Subban with all the Subban qualities. As PK himself is a relatively short, stocky guy I see Jordan to be a similar guy, albeit a bit smaller which is why he is only in the 2nd round. I fail to believe that there is not a team out there that will not pay 2nd round for a talented Subban brother, even one of modest proportions.

Round 3
63 – Petan, Nicolas – 5’9, 163 lb. – Worried about this guy, great results, great effort, great skills but does not appear to have the body to fill out to anything approaching NHL proportions. Could he make it anyways is a good question, the desire is there which is why I have him rated as high as he is.
71 – Ikonen, Juuso – 5’9, 165 lb. – Almost identical debate as with Lehkonen, different result because of slightly less talent and a lot less information than with Lehkonen. If I came to the same conclusion as with Lehkonen, he could go early 2nd round, in my opinion. So, the answer to why he is so low on my list is size and not having enough information to date to say that he will succeed in spite of his size. The fact that he is having decent success in the top Finnish league is a good sign.
81 – Motte, Tyler – 5’10, 165 lb. – Size again is the issue – like his effort though.

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