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Originally Posted by JMiller View Post
Bullying was a reference to ownerships "negotiation" strategy of issuing ultimatum after ultimatum and locking the doors on the league. It's taken them until 2013 to give up on undermining the nhlpa leadership and frightening the players and actually start. . . negotiations.

As for the rest of your post- no one pays to watch ownership. Their value should be in their ability to manage the league- whoever decided to try and sell hockey in Phoenix shouldn't be guaranteed to make indefinite profits from such a stupid mistake. Charles Wang shouldn't be guaranteed indefinite profits for the way he runs the islanders.
if it was a simple matter of paying to watch the playes play.. the players could go play anywhere and get paid

they need the owners arenas... and promotion.

we pay for a show... when these players retire we will pay for whatever players come next... and when they retire we will pay for the next ones too

if the players could get paid without the owners... they would.

owners will always find new players to promote in those big expensive buildings they own... and we will pay to see whatever players those players are

and as for the players that dont play for those owners in those buildings that are owned by the owners and promoted by the owners... can go play anywhere else they want... anywhere... and we wont watch it

we dont watch the khl
we dont want the ahl
we dont want the swedish elite leagues

the players can still play... but we arent watching cause the owners have a lockout

so i totally disagree with you about that

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