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01-01-2013, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
I know you like to bring up Detroit but it doesn't support your argument. They generally haven't handled their best prospects with kid gloves. Most of their top players have made it to the show in 1 or 2 years of post-draft development. Lidstrom, Zetterberg and Datsyuk took two, Fedorov took one, Yzerman took 0. Yzerman was the only one drafted top-5(4th overall), where guys like Strome, Reinhart and Nino went. I know you are going to respond with "Strome isn't Yzerman," but back in '83 I doubt Yzerman was Yzerman. His OHL point totals were actually very similar to Strome's pre-draft point totals(Strome had 15 more points in 9 more games. I know they are different time periods, but the point is Yzerman wasn't exactly Gretzky or even Tavares coming out of Junior Hockey).

If anything this proves that Detroit has drafted better than the Islanders, not that they've been more patient with development.

Either way, if you can find me a worthy 2nd-line stopgap who would sign here for one year, or one we can trade for without giving up anything of significant value(Strome/Nelson/Griff/1st), I'll be all for it. I would just personally rather have a Strome vs Nelson 2013 TC competition than bring in Matt Cullen for one year.
Datsyuk was drafted in 98 as an overager, played first game in 01-02 season at 23 years of age.

Zetterberg was drafted in 99, debuted at winged wheel in 02-03 season being 22 years old.

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