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01-01-2013, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by DesertDawg View Post
The problem with these scenarios is that the Coyotes are a physical team and none of the Oilers being offered are known to be, while OEL is expected to get more physical and contribute more offensively when he matures physically. RNH would be a good return, but he wouldn't be perfect for Tippet's system, while OEL fits perfectly.

So you think he can consistently dish out 200+ hits/season? Stick up for teammates? Be a role model? I rather see how Boeds works out before even thinking about trying to acquire Hall.
Doan was a special kind of player with a very good mix of grit with offence. Hall is a different mix of player I will give you that, but he will be a gritty forward who scores when he is fully developed. Doan's physicallity is is biggest asset, where as Hall is more of a scorer. In my mind there will no cpmp[aring these two player for value to a team though as Hall's speed and skill will show through and he will be a much more valuble player to what ever team that he plays on.

That being said I would also not move him for anything if I were the oilers as he is going to be the glue that holds a championship team together if they can put it all together. Some will mock me for this statement, but unless your an absolutly clueless hockey fan you can see that the oilers have an embarrasment of riches right now especially with the addition of Justin Schultz. Championship teams need more than just skill and trading a player like Hall is a mistake if your trying to win the cup.

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