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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
I never got the purists who get all riled up when you say you hope that your team loses that last game or three to get a better pick when your season is over anyways. Do you actually believe that the players will dog it because of the team's draft position? Do you think that I have magical powers that I will choose to employ to make the team lose? Unless either of those are true, then what is the big deal?

Root for them to win, great with me, I will not judge. I will root for them to lose, do not judge me in return. I rooted strongly for the Pens to remain the worst team in the league in the Ovechkin draft. Hell, that team was so bad there was nothing other than that to root for. I even made suckage countdown threads to see the magic number to gain worst in the league. If we had won one more game then we would have had Cam Barker rather than Malkin. Good thing I employed my magical powers to make them lose that year, eh? But my idea of what would be better for the team is no less legitimate or irrational than yours, and does not make me less of a fan. My position came through a very logical path which even if you disagree with it, you can not deny that it at least has some rational underpinning.
I guess there's a difference between rooting for the team to lose and wanting the team to intentionally lose. I personally don't agree with either but whatever. You're right, rooting for them to lose is harmless. If the team itself (or the coaches or management) starts to have that attitude, that's when there is a legitimate issue.

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