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01-01-2013, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by ES View Post
Quickly looking through top European leagues, Canada probably something like this. Don't rely on the lines that much, but more to the names available.

Jeff Glass
Michael Garnett

Kevin Dallman - Kurtis Foster
Richie Regehr - Kyle Cumiskey
Travis Roche - Cory Murphy

Ramzi Abid-Stephen Dixon-Bud Holloway
Marc-Antoine Pouliot-Glen Metropolit-Eric Fehr
Randy Robitaille-Justin Hodgman-Christian Dubé
Geoff Platt-Byron Ritchie-Mike Iggulden

For USA, Chris Holt is maybe the best goalie available.

Defenseman: Clay Wilson, Jeremy Dehner, Brian Salcido, Dan Spang, Noah Welch, Andy Wozniewski...

Forwards: Steve Moses, Ben Eaves, Michael Ryan, Brandon Bochenski, Tim Stapleton, Broc Little, Dan Fritche...
Needs more Brandon Reid and Simon Gamache. Also, I'd have Jason Williams over Iggulden.

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