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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
But the NHL decided to award them the teams, no? What difference does the application phase mean if the nhl awards a team to an embezeller, a group who had no interest in actually owning a team and an ownership group that may have been propped up by a Japanese organized crime syndicate ?

If Hamilton did not properly file for expansion, the NHL was certainly influential in preventing a team from relocating to Hamilton. Is Bastille worse than the other three?
The NHL did not award a team to Del Biaggio; it went to Craig Leipold (who is not an embezzler). The NHL did not award a team to a group who had no interest; it went to the Turner group (who most certainly did have an interest).

Nice job throwing Tampa in there; if we're going that route, can I bring up the fact that the NY Americans were a team made up of wildcat strikers (the Hamilton Tigers) and owned by an actual crime boss (Big Bill Dwyer)?

Hamilton apparently did apply properly. They simply left the "owner" spot blank, apparently banking on the NHL awarding a team to Hamilton and then finding them an owner.


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