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01-01-2013, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Alberta_OReilly_Fan View Post
alot of nhl players are playing for providence this year right? do mroe people watch the games? how many more?

does providence get NHL tv ratings now because they have NHL players?

does the KHL?

does Sweden?

personally speaking... heres a challange to you personally... how many of the B players have you followed to their new homes? How many dollars came out of your pocket to watch chara and bergeron and seguin play for their new teams?

ill fess up... i havent spent a penny on it

call me evil and a bad fan... but i watch the boston bruins play. i did it when terry oreilly was my hero. i did it when adam oates was here. he left... and went to washington and edmonton.. and i didnt follow him. instead i watched when marc savard came here and david krecji

and ill watch when the next guys show up too

i love the guys when they are here...
but when they go somewhere else i love whatever new guys come here

and i bet most fans are like me

and the low ratings for khl games and ahl games and wha and ihl games when those leagues were failing tend to back me up
-Caron is as close as they come.
-Probably, but I don't know
-Don't know
-No but there are plenty of people asking for prov coverage around here lately-
-Don't know
-Don't know, but Seguin has been a freakish sensation overseas
- I just looked up the Alaskan ECHL team for the first time to see if Gomez can score anywhere- and I'd probably watch their games if they were on
-0 but I'm cheap and I figured this wouldn't have lasted as long as it did. I did get down to Providence twice though.

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