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Originally Posted by No Quarter View Post
I've watched a ton of both and Willis is in a different universe than Timmons.

His speed and instincts are off the charts.
The differences between Timmons and Willis are pretty big, IMO. Timmons is an undersized MLB, Willis is not. I agree that Timmons is probably the most athletic ILB in the league and could probably give a lot of guys who play safety in this league a run for their money athletically, and be better than a large portion of them. At the same rate, you don't need an ILB to be that athletic. Willis, for his size and strength, is incredibly quick and explosive, not to mention one of the smartest football players in the league.

Willis is on a level all his own, IMO. The only guy I've watched who may be able to get on that level as a MLB some day is Kuechly, but he still has a little ways to go, which I think he will in the next year or two and be spoken in the same breath as the greats in this league today. Derrick Johnson is also a great MLB, and I don't think a lot of people realize how good he is because he plays on a toilet bowl team.

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