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Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
Im trying to get some authentic goal horns and a few songs on my xbox for nhl 13...thing is, I have no idea how to do that. Would anyone be able to tell me how i would do that?
You gotta get some blank CDs and burn the MP3 files onto them using Windows Media Player or a similar program. Then put the discs into your Xbox and rip the files onto your Xbox hard drive. If you don't have a hard drive in your Xbox, you can't do this. You can make playlists and in NHL 13 (from the custom music menu, under My NHL 13 > EA Sports Media Hub) you can assign playlists to different events such as Home goal song, goal horn, penalties, etc.

I don't know where you can find MP3s of goal horns, but I know you can just rip songs off of Youtube using a website or program. Maybe you can get the goal horns off of YouTube as well.

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