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Originally Posted by Crosbyfan View Post
I agree. I took this series for granted and was merely "annoyed" after the result of game 2, seeing Montreal losing a game for the first time ever against an Expansion Team It certainly became a concern (as a Habs fan) after the North Stars tied the series for a second time, making it a best 2 of 3.

What was the mood of the Montreal media during this series? Were the Canadiens getting "heat" or did the North Stars get credit for playing simply super hockey?

Craig Wallace
I have no recollection of the Montreal Media at the time. My recollection, somewhat vague, is the CBC (english HNIC) more giving credit to the underdog North Stars than dumping on the Habs.

I know Minnesota and Moniago were a particular favourite of mine at the time...though not when playing the Canadiens! I only had seen Moniago play a few games previously but remember one game in particular where he really stood out. He seemed to have had a fairly acrobatic style for a tall goalie though that may only have been my impression.

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