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Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
It's a bit mindboggling how a guy as incompetent as McD led the Pats team with Cassell as QB to an 11-5 record. Bill must be a freaking genius.
I know I'll catch flak for this but McDaniels is not a bad coach.

He is on the other hand bad at evaluating talent and he is arrogant about it. That was his downfall in Denver. He was given way too much power and he wasn't ready for it. He got rid of talented players like Scheffler, Marshall, Cutler and Hillis because he clashed with their personalities and he was so arrogant he thought he could win with anybody. Like Kyle Orton. When in actuality you really need top end players to win.

I think if a team was willing to hire McD as just a coach and not a talent evaluator, they'd get better results than the Broncos got as he really does know and understand the X's and O's on offense. Its tough to argue the results he has produced with the Pats as the O coordinator.

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