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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
I guess I don't see any connection between the two .... I mean is it funny that the same guys who are big MPS fans are big Dubnyk supporters as well? Seems like a pretty random correlation to me.

I also wonder where you get that idea that anyone in this thread has been doing their best to "discredit Dubnyk". What I see is a handful of posters going overboard and saying that he was "unreal" , "spectacular" and so on.

I think I've watched hockey for enough years to know what an "unreal" goaltending performance looks like, and that wasn't it imo. Are these comments so offensive to Dubnyk fans that we have to watch them go full ****** in this thread?

So the defense was horrible, but the shooters he faced were lethal? Not sure how that works.

The Spengler is a second rate tournament, always has been. That Dubnyk didn't embarrass himself in the tournament is nice, especially since he hasn't played any hockey this year that I know of, but I really don't see how three games (on international ice against over-matched opponents) can be seen a "major positive" for him going forward.
The correlation is that Gagner is a player who hasn't lived up to expectations but is being undervalued by fans because he has made a positive contribution to the team despite underachieving somewhat and is a young player who has kept his head above water with little help.
Same with Dubnyk who has been better than you and others give him credit for.
You and others constantly preach to be patient with Gagner because he is still young with room to improve yet Dubnyk is somehow not good enough.

It's not a 3 game sample size. He has had a very respectable (above average even) save percentage the last 2 seasons despite playing behind subpar defense and his record has also been decent all things considered, .500 on this team is downright amazing.
I don't give 2 hoots about a Sengler Cup performance, i'm talking about his performance in the NHL which you seem to have discounted yet you get on others who discount Gagner's contributions. I just find it funny and a bit hypocritical.

I personally think that both players are undervalued and need to be better if this team is to take the next step.

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