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Originally Posted by EverettMike View Post
It is still a huge win for the owners. I never thought they were out for blood, but they were, and they got it. This looks "fair" because of their first "proposal." That proposal was so brilliant it amazes me that so many of these genius business owners apparently can't control themselves when they run their hockey team. They didn't care about losing actual games, they don't actually care about the fans or the integrity of the game, and as a result they were willing to go as long as possible in hopes of maximizing how much blood they got.

Honestly, Gary Bettman deserves a raise from his 30 bosses. I genuinely don't think he cares about the game of hockey one iota unless it benefits 30 people. Which is fine, they pay him to do just that. I am not demonizing him. It is what it is.

Kudos to Don Fehr for at least keeping the players from bleeding to death.

I am actually looking forward to not giving the NHL any money, that is how disgusted I am with what has transpired. And I know I get called a union shill, but I supported the owners in 04 because I thought they were right and the league was in trouble. I believe in right and wrong, and I think the owners have been in the wrong the entire time.

The main issues going into this were revenue split, cap-circumventing deals, and cap-circumventing transactions (Redden-type moves). The owners could have gotten this from the players before the lockout if they had been reasonable about them. At least that is what I believe.

So in summary, huge win for the owners, masterfully played to make it look like they made all sorts of "concessions," but I firmly believe it will come at a cost. If they can turn me away from them I doubt I am the only one.
Marvelous work here sir. I agree with everything, couldn't have said it any better myself.

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