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Originally Posted by Bomber0104 View Post
Right and similarly, I would have liked to pick up Nugent Hopkins or Landeskog, Hall or Seguin, and Tavares or Duchene throughout the years Burke has been in charge. It's no different than being happy with Rielly. But the fact is its too late and the damage and opportunities have been lost/.

Because that's what the Leafs needed (and still need) and that's who have been within reach of how bad the Leafs are.

But Brian Burke chose to try and aimlessly make the playoffs and not these extremely rare prospects evidenced by his willingness to trade his own firsts away for instant help and spending to the cap with terrible free agent signings.
Burke chose not to deliberately suck for X number of years. He's actively tried to make the team better, which is considerably harder than the job his doorknob counterpart in Edmonton is doing. I can only hope that they will fix the tanking exploit that allows ******** GMs to stockpile future stars, so all these tanking threads can go away for good.

So yes, it's absolutely different than being happy for ending up with Rielly. Our GM actually tried to make stuff happen, and would have likely succeeded in improving the team had it not been for the halfwit coach. He didn't just sit back and wait for the welfare cheque to come in.

The difference between 5th last and 10th last is around 4 points. Minor. The difference between 5th last, and dead last is ~15 points. Not so minor. Not even Reimer could have pulled out that level of suck with the amount of games he was given.

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