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Originally Posted by Garyboy View Post
Thank you kindly, mapleleaf.

YEESH! Kirwan sounds a lot like Eric Lindros when he played as a 15 year old leading the St. Michaels Buzzers to a Metro Junior B and Provincial championship. If that's an apt comparison, WOW! I'm assuming he's not quite on par with Lindros as a 15 year old, as he'd be a sure fire number 1 overall pick, but Kirwan does sound very impressive.

Here's hoping he's on one of those thrown together American teams that comes to the OHL Cup. Would love to see him play. Especially against his age group.
I think we are getting a bit carried away.

Eric Lindros was the best prospect to come up into the system since Gretzky and Lemieux, and brought a type of game that no one could compare to. He was the best playmaker, best skater, best hitter and was bigger than anyone. Too bad for injuries. He was WORLD KNOWN AND ANTICIPATED.

Crosby and McDavid were and are stars in the making, and second tier to Lemieux, Gretzky and Lindros.

But to say that Kirwan and Greenway are Lindros type. WOW. Last time I checked the web, or media , they are at most locally and regionally known, NOT world known.

I dont doubt that they will be good/great players in the OHL or US program, but to say that they are Lindros Like, I must disagree.


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