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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
The correlation is that Gagner is a player who hasn't lived up to expectations but is being undervalued by fans because he has made a positive contribution to the team despite underachieving somewhat and is a young player who has kept his head above water with little help.
I see. Thanks for the explanation. Still not sure that I see the reasoning behind your comment because I have been supportive of many other young players on this team, not just Gagner.

Same with Dubnyk who has been better than you and others give him credit for.
I disagree with this. I have praised Dubnyk when he deserved it and criticized him when he played poorly. Its not my fault there have been more games of the latter variety. Even in this thread I have said that he played extremely well in the first of his three starts.

It's not a 3 game sample size.I don't give 2 hoots about a Sengler Cup performance.
Yet this is a thread about the Spengler. I don't believe I mentioned anything about Dubnyk's performance outside of the three games he played in this tournament.

I'm talking about his performance in the NHL which you seem to have discounted yet you get on others who discount Gagner's contributions. He has had a very respectable (above average even) save percentage the last 2 seasons despite playing behind subpar defense and his record has also been decent all things considered, .500 on this team is downright amazing. I just find it funny and a bit hypocritical.
You find it hypocritical that I said Dubnyk was not outstanding and unreal? I can see the point if I had come on here and totally trashed the guy (like the famous Gagner haters on this board always do), or if I had come on here saying how Gagner was unreal in the Spengler, but I think my comments about Dubnyk's tournament were extremely mild in nature.

I know that I have posted positively about Dubnyk toward the end of last season when he finally had a stretch of above average games. Sadly I can't find any of those posts to quote for you here because it seems the archive only goes up to 300 posts. Do I think he ever becomes a good NHL starter? No I don't, but that's just my opinion and I think I've stated it respectfully wrt this player. Unlike say the Gagner haters .....

Originally Posted by SephF View Post
Dubnyk still did pretty good. I think people are excited because it was encouraging to see him do so well after such a long layoff.
Yup. That's fair.

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