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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
How is competitive balance not in the best interests of the NHL as a whole? Large market teams having to make cuts - other teams able to pick up noteworthy players in a diluted market? Where does 90% of the league sign up for that deal? Do you think Marian Gaborik brings a sold out crowd to the Garden every night? He could be a bigger help for the game playing somewhere else. Sucks as a Ranger fan, but if you were willing to side with the owners and succumb to the financials argument...this is to be expected.

Admittedly, at least I see a reason for the opposition. As for the "get out of jail free" stuff? I want to have a system in place that doesnt give Glen Sather the ability to make a questionable decision at all. A meeting that ends with "...yea and we can send him to the minors if it doesnt work out" usually winds up with a Scott Gomez or Wade Redden on your roster.
Increased revenue sharing, increased cap constraints, removal of any competitive advantage from deeper pockets... fine. So be it. But essentially dispersing talent on the level of Gaborik? Why draft? Maybe force Ken Holland to Phoenix. The Ranger Euro scouts to Carolina.

Once we get to the point where we ensure a 1/30 chance of a cup for every team every year, you remove the reason to follow this for-all-intents-and-purposes soap opera year in and year out. It diminishes the path to a cup. If and when we won with this roster, it will be all the sweeter considering how we rebuilt the right way after shortcuts failed. I don't want a pity cup.

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