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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
I actually hate the stockpiling philosophy because given what was available, and what we need, we could have just used our immense scouting staff or whatever Burke has built up to draft a player who better suits long term needs instead of hoping to correct the imbalance at a later date hoping to get fair trade value after you've already spent time developing a kid.

If you're looking at another Aulie for Ashton deal, the effectiveness of that kind of trade can be debated.
What we need is irrelevant when drafting that late, to a degree, as most players in that range aren't expected to make an impact for a few years down the line - if at all. Drafting in the top 15, then I'd be more inclined to go with current team need. If the Leafs thought Biggs/Percy were that much better than what's on the board - then that's all that matters at the time (have to trust the scouts or else there's little need for us fans to focus on the draft from a Leafs POV).

I'm not saying they intentionally stockpiled those positions, but it just seemed to shake out that way so use it to your advantage. If they have a chance to land a defenseman who projects as a top-four vs. a forward who projects as a 3rd liner or bottom-six I'm not taking the forward just because the current team need is one. I'd like to think/hope the Leafs would correct the forward situation sooner rather than have to wait 3-4 years for that drafted 18 year old to fix the situation.

As for the Aulie/Ashton deal I think a lot of people were excited at the time. Of course it can be debated, any deal can. The same stockpiling of a certain position worked in our favour with Beauchemin. Because of the depth at D both on the team and in the system it allowed the Leafs to move a player off the roster to bolster another area of need. We may see a similar move here when it comes to the depth as they seem to have a fair bit of depth (in numbers, if anything) on D at the moment. Not just in prospects, but NHL players on the roster and some names like Kostka/Fraser/Ranger who may provide some solid depth minutes (potentially). Whether it be the magnitude of Aulie/Ashton, or Beauchemin trade isn't the point, the point is that it gives them options to make those moves if need be.

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