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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
How exactly do you expect him to forecheck when he is a winger and the puck is on the opposite side of the ice.

The criticism being levied here is largely unwarranted as it is the result of fans who may not understand the more technical aspects of the game. They don't see the dominance that they are hoping to see and don't have the knowledge to understand why. In the Slovak game he did seem a little flustered due to his lack of puck possession and altered his game for the worse. This is common with most NHL players as it is human nature to make changes when your current approach isn't producing the desired results. In time he will realize that sometimes it is others that need to change and as a leader you need to turn them in the right direction. His only problem this tournament is not stepping up and acknowledging that he is the best player on his line and his team. He needs to take charge of his linemates on the bench and in the locker room so that they can help him on the ice.

I don't mean to be critical of yourself as I really appreciate the post game reports from Sarnia's game. I just feel that you are being too critical now and sometimes in the past. Sometimes in an effort to appear objective we can lean too far to the counter point in order to create balance........this is always a mistake regardless of perception.
In Sarnia, he's an aggressive forechecker. When he was playing against Germany, he was also an aggressive forechecker. He plays wing in Sarnia and in that game, so I don't see why him playing on the wing would have an effect on how he forechecks. Of course he has to be smart about it. There's been times where Barber or Karuly have been in deep and Galchenyuk held back, which was the right play. There has also been times when no one goes in deep.

I agree with your second paragraph, especially the bold. Very well said.

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