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01-01-2013, 06:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
ya, the players never will. The coaches likely won't either. Management could though. They could have told Tomlin to sit Ben and Troy and whoever else and use the game as a preseason type tryout for other guys. That's the sort of idea I think a lot of people rooting against us wish we had done. That might not be intentionally losing, but its not doing your best to win either. I'm glad we didn't do it. If we had sat those guys and lost to Cleveland, I think it would have been more than a small matter. The organization would have lost a lot of respect from its players.

The only time I would want to sit guys like that is when the game is meaningless for the opposite reason and we are resting up for the playoffs.
IMHO, Roth should have sat along with other starters. It is more about keeping them healthy, than anything to me. I think ATL had two starters hurt in a meaningless game Sunday.

Why risk a head or knee injury to a guy like Roth when the game means zilch?

You are always one hit away from retirement in this game, so why not give some young guys a look and keep your franchise on the sideline?

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