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Originally Posted by Cogburn View Post
So we keep him.

For someone that "knows" business, you seem to think surrendering an asset YOU covet for crap is good business. We can afford him, we just signed him to his big contract, we have no other reason to trade him if we can't get a good enough return. Business 101 guy, don't sell low.
No. Sometimes in business you have to accept your hand and take a loss. You're telling me the owner that's paying Luongo all that money is going to like the idea of owing him that money on the bench or at the potential of a goalie controversy? You know what the Canadian media is capable of, you'd have to be crazy to think Luongo will be a Canuck to finish the year.

The funny thing is, you have a vast number of both experts and 'amateurs' that understand this concept, but it's just a select few that can't come to terms with it.

Luongo's No trade clause also kills his value.

I know what Luongo is, he's an elite goaltender that's aging. He also comes with a heavy pay cheque and limits the amount of teams that can take him. He's not going to get back the moon, look at what Rick Nash was traded for. Everything Columbus wanted from NYR was not included, it's just hopeless praying...

Heavy Salary+Age+NTC= Grand Slam return?


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