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Okay. ALL players will start at 17 years old and either in the CHL or in Europe. I will start the game whenever I feel like it, but there will not be more than 10 players inserted into the database.

Player Name:
City and Country of Birth:
Date of Birth:
Alternate Position:
Jersey Number:

Here's the list of attributes. These are on a 1-20 scale. For the purposes of this game, you have 150 points to apply across these skills. Potential will be determined via random number pull.

Player attributes:


*Acceleration: how fast a player reaches his top speed
*Balance: how well a player stays on his skates in physical contact, affects turning on skates as well
*Agility: how agile a player is
*Fighting: how good fighter a player is
*Hitting: how good a player is in bodychecking
*Injury proneness: how often a player gets injured in games or training
*Natural fitness: how well a player recovers his condition
*Speed (pace): how fast a player is in straight skating
*Stamina: how long a player can play before tiring (shifts)
*Strength: how strong a player is


*Agitation: how well a player can draw penalties on other players or affect their concentration
*Checking: how well a defensive player shadows an opposing player and prevents others from scoring
*Deflections: how well a player deflects incoming shots past the goaltender
*Deking: how well a player dekes another player with body moves
*Faceoffs: how well a player wins faceoffs
*Movement (getting open, off the puck): how well a player moves into a good position in the offensive zone
*Passing: how accurate passer a player is and how easy it is to recieve his passes
*Pokecheck: how well a player can poke the puck away from another player by using his stick
*Positioning: how well a player positions in the defensize zone
*Slapshot: how accurate and powerful slapshots a player can shoot
*Stickhandling: how well a player moves and controls the puck with a stick
*Versatility: how well a player playes in a position that is not his main position (11-13 should be set to players whole are able to play in multiple offensive or defensive positions, 14-> to players who can play multiple defensive and offensive positions)
*Wristshots: how accurate and powerful wristshots a player can shoot


*Aggression: how aggressively a player playes
*Anticipation: how well a player anticipates things happening on ice / reads the play
*Bravery: how brave a player is (going to corners, using body, blocking shots)
*Consistency: how consistent a player is during the regular season
*Decisions: how good decisions a player does with the puck
* Dirtiness: how dirty a player is (cheap shots, slashing, high sticks etc.)
*Flair: how much the player is willing to utilize his skills and try complicated/unexpected things on ice (flashiness, excitement)
*Important games: how well a player playes in important games like playoffs (10 is normal level, less than 10 is worse than usually and above 10 is better than usually)
*Leadership (influence): how well a player affects the team in a positive way and how good example a player shows
*Pass tendency: how often a player passes instead of shoots
*Teamwork: how good teamplayer a player is
*Vision (creativity): how well a player recognizes players in good position to pass to
*Workrate: how much a player works on the ice

NOTE! 'Consistency' is modified by the 'Important games' value in those important games like playoffs. It does not replace the consistency value regarding those games. Therefore 18 'consistency' player with 10 in 'important games' will keep playing like an 18 consistency player in the playoffs. Below 10 will affect his normal level of play negatively, while over 10 will affect that consistency value positively.


* Adaptability: how well a player adapts to new environment, mainly in foreign countries
*Ambition: how enthusiastic and keen a player is to success, an ambitious player will get more easily upset if the team doesn't do well
*Determination: how determined a player is to succeed
*Loyalty: how loyal a player is to his team
*Pressure: how well a player handles pressure
*Professionalism: how professional a player's conduct is (for example reaction to discipline)
*Sportsmanship: how sportsmanship-like his conduct is
*Temperament: how well a player can keep his temper (low means "bad temper")

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